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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient healing practice and a way of life. In many Shamanic traditions, the Shaman is considered a medicine person who is the healer of the group. They are often considered a seer and visionary as well.

What happens in a Shamanic session?

The Shaman often moves from Ordinary Reality (Earth Plane) to the Energetic level to clear old patterns, beliefs and blockages. This is done on the client's behalf to assist in times of crisis, illness or simply when the client is ready to let go of all that no longer serves them. The Shaman then fills the spaces left by clearing with Divine White Light for healing.

Clients often feel a powerful shift and transformation after a Session. They often feel lighter and notice that the issue that they brought forth in the session is much less painful, if it still remains at all. The Shaman and client then develop new beliefs to assist in the transformation process.

It is important to remember that all healing on the Energetic level comes in layers. This processed is based on removing layers, much like peeling the layers of an onion. While we remove major parts of the blockages, there can still be work to be done to continue working on the issue/pattern.

Illumination Process

The Chakras are considered energy centers in your body. In the Illumination process, the Practitioner works with the seven main Chakras and the Luminous Energy Field to release heavy energy caused by pain, trauma or accidents. The blockages and patterns are cleared as well as any energy that no longer serves the client for their highest good.

Chakras are believed to hold our emotional history as well as any genetic and Karmic energetic experiences.

These histories, issues and patterns can disrupt the flow of your Chakras causing us to disconnect from our true selves. others or our spiritual faith and practice. The results of this energetic disconnect can be a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual crisis.

Many times, clients report that they feel lighter or energized after the the session. They often comment in follow up that they have slept better than they have in a long time after the Illumination process.

So, how does this Illumination work?

The client brings a physical or emotional issue or pattern to the session . The issue is then energetically tracked the Chakra that is most affected. The practitioner the heavy energy, issue and pattern from the Chakras.

If there is not a specific issue or concern, the illumination process can still be beneficial to the client. Generalized "baggage" can still be removed , allowing the client to feel refreshed and renewed.

Do I need to have a certain belief system for this process to work?

No. This process can also work on non-believers as it is not attached to any specific belief system. Each process is personalized so the process can differ for each person.

Cords & Crystallized Energy Extractions

Heavy energy that can cause blockages in our energy circulation can manifest in discomfort in our human experience. As Shamans, we can track and safely and effectively these energetic issues.

If you've ever had an intense emotional experience you've felt on a physical level, you may have crystallized energy in your Luminous Energy Field.

For example, if you've ever felt "stabbed in the back" these can be seen manifested as physical objects on the energetic level in your Luminous Energy Field. We refer to these as crystallized energy. They are often found in areas where there is chronic pain, especially when there is no clear medical reason for the pain. Sometimes these energies can be from a past karmic experience and removal can bring great relief to the client.

Cords are an energetic connection to another person. Many times when we are energetically connected, it causes a drain on our own resources. Do you have a friend or family member that you visit and feel energetically drained during or after the visit? You may be energetically corded (connected) to them. We can help remove those cords for healthier and more productive relationships.

Soul Retrieval

We are all here on the Earth Plane as souls having a human experience. Wherever there is trauma, extreme emotional pain or accidents, soul pieces can be left behind with these issues as a coping mechanism.

The loss of these fractured pieces can manifest in the human experience as feelings of "less than", being ungrounded or unloveable. The person may also feel lethargic, hopeless and a lack of motivation.

To retrieve the fractured pieces, the Shaman journeys to non-ordinary reality on the client's behalf. The Shaman then searches for these pieces buried deep in the subconscious of the client. The Shaman then brings the the experience to a place on the energetic plane where the experience can be re-written. The client is then given an energetic gift and power animal to help them on the reintegration of the soul piece into ordinary reality.

This is a beautiful process for a client and involves a self-realization and integration period afterward.

Creating a New Belief

We've done all of the work to clear this layer of the issue, Now What? We help you create new beliefs in the form of "I am" statements to repeat. After the clearing, we want to ensure that those old beliefs, issues and patterns are replaced with new beliefs that are in line with the healing you have done to ensure maximum benefit.

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